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Date de publication: 26 avr. 2012
Auteur: Y B
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L'ESMA, l'Autorité européenne des Marchés Financiers, a publié un communiqué de presse dans lequel elle annonce la mise en place de la Commodity Derivatives Task Force

Résumé :

In the current overhaul of financial regulations, a number of regulatory initiatives have a direct impact on the field of commodity derivatives, particularly the revision of MiFID, MAD or the upcoming regulatory framework for central counterparties (EMIR).  The Task Force on Commodities Derivatives Markets was created in November 2011 to carry out ESMA’s responsibilities in the European legislative process by drafting technical advice for the Commission, drafting technical standards and preparing additional input to the European institutions where necessary.

As part of that work, the Task Force will monitor and analyse all regulatory and industry developments relevant for commodity financial markets, (such as energy markets, emission allowances, agricultural commodities, IOSCO reports, regulatory proposals of the US CFTC or G20 statements ).

In terms of markets covered, the following ones will form part of the work of this Task Force:  energy (gas, oil and electricity); metals; agricultural and soft commodities; and others, such as emission allowances and freight.  In terms of products, the whole range from traditional futures to exotic derivatives would fall under the remit of the Task Force.

A consultative working group has been formed to assist the Task Force, and the list of members is available on the right.

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